Territory promotion

Prestine's Pro Loco printed for the years 1998 and 2000 - Year of the Jubilee - calendars with photographs of the village. In 1998 the calendar included old sepia-coloured photographs and characteristic views of the village, dated to the beginning and the middle of last century. On the last page there was a brief story about Prestine and the main facts of its history. The calendar was appreciated very much, as the older people had the possibility to verify the changes occurred with the passing of time. We think that a comparison between the actual territory and the past one is important as it allows to verify the interventions done, thus avoiding to commit mistakes that cannot be corrected. In 2000 - the Year of the Jubilee - the subject of the proposed calendar was the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Consolation, with a description on the conclusive page. The photographs showed the building, the frescoes inside and outside and some particulars of them. Of course the subject suited this great religious event, but it was also meant to be a relaunching of this beautiful monument that we take for granted and known but, because of the age and the artistic value, is sometime forgotten even by Prestine's inhabitants. This church, which has a particular and precise history, is located at the beginning of the village, with the external vault used as an entrance door to the built-up area. With this two publications, Prestine's Pro Loco wanted to start a process of study of the territory. This process is modest and original, with few elements and above all without experience; its aim is to spread the publications not only for external people,but above all to the residents who must appreciate, look after and maintain their own territory. The next step, with a project already started, is a map of the territory, that is now missing. This map should record the whole territory, together with mountains and localities, in order to allow us to have a complete view. Besides, this will be an opportunity to go to zones far from the built-up area, walking on paths and mountain roads, enjoying moments in contact with nature. We hope that this ambitious project will be completed by the end of 2002; we are aware of the big effort of organization, as, for the lack of resources, the containment of the expenses is left to the good will of few people.