Events and meetings

Prestine's Pro Loco has organized during these years events and meetings all over the year. Some of these have become a tradition and are always proposed: " Prestine's Ferragosto " between the first and the second week of August; " Transhumance Day " a Sunday of middle September; " Old People's Day " a Sunday at the end of October; " Christmas Days " between Christmas and the New Year. Prestine's Ferragosto was born some years ago in order to create moments of fun for both the inhabitants and the tourists who are in the village that period. Since 2001 the Guests'Days have been included, an event that lasts seven, ten days with musical dancing evenings, plays for adults and children, theatre representations, charts tournament, gastronomic stand, many other events and shows. The effort for the organization is very big, but the participation and the appreciation demonstrated repay the organizators for their engagement. The proceeds are used to finance works and other events which do not have any income. The Transhumance Day was organised for the first time in 2001. The aim of this event is to think back over the tradition of our village and of mountain places in general, besides creating a promotional event through the art of painting. In fact, the contest of extempore painting is part of the context, focusing on working, social and cultural subjects and traditions which are now more and more vanishing. The Old People's Day is a typical local event, a day of meeting, with dinner and plays, among the old people of the village and the young with them. This is also a moment of comparison between generations and surely a pleasant event to remember. During Christmas and New Year days, as many other villages, Prestine is decorated, thus creating a joyful and merry atmosphere. On the evening of 24th December we organize for children Santa Claus coming down from the mountains: he goes to the square at the beginning of the village and gives presents. Besides, a Concert for the End of the Year is usually organized and takes place in the Main Church. Moreover, in Spring, trips for some particular events are organized. In the year 2001 the destination was the Euroflora in Genoa, a world flower exhibition which takes place every five years.