Places and localities

Prestine is an old village located on a tableland in a hilly zone and it is included in the Adamello Park. On the slopes of Mount Fles there are still ancient pastures with the respective Alpine huts: Varicla, Cogolo, Fontaneto, Prat, High and Low Gera with the small lake, etc… There are a lot of characteristic places in the municipal district of Prestine: Prestello Valley and Mount Trabucco with the typical farm holidays "Prestello", opened all over the year. Valle delle Valli and the Mountain-Croce Domini Pass, with the famous bridge Fontanazzo. Spring of Salice: a place rich in mineral water that brought to Prestine a lot of tourists at the beginning of the century. Salice's saline-alkaline water, also called "Moon Water", had diuretic effects and a characteristic of bone reconstitution, but nowadays the spring is ruined and the water undrinkable. Campolaro: a beautiful and panoramic zone, it is located along the road that goes from Prestine to Croce Domini Pass; it is important not to forget the locality of Pian di Campo, with the mountain holiday camp. An area with picnic facilities in Cogolo (1500 metres above sea-level): you can get there from Breno or Prestine on the State Road n. 345, turning right at the Km 71, at Campolaro. The road is asphalted and plain for a small trait, but, passed Fontanazzo bridge, the roadbed gets dirt and tortuous. The facilities are away from the road and near a thick fir-wood. The parking place is 100 metres far from the area. Once left the car, you can walk along the road or on an alternative pathway in the wood.