News about Prestine's  Pro Loco

The Prestine's Pro Loco was constituted in April 1997 by a group of people coming not only from the village, who felt the need to codify and regularize the spontaneous activity of organising meetings and events in order to promote Prestine's territory. The target is touristic, cultural and social promotion, without gain sake, non-political, with the contribution of volunteers as regards the organisation of events and popular meetings. The Deed of Partnership was written on 23rd April 1997 at the notary Passeri's buro in Breno. The foundation members chose the first six Councillors who, with the three indicated by the Municipal Administration, formed the first Board of Directors. The Board of Directors lasts four years, it can be renewed and it is composed of 11 members at the most. The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer are elected among the members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the task to join the social target, proposing the events programme at the Members' Meeting which usually takes place in spring. The Pro Loco members are also told the appropriation account of the activities. Everybody can join the Pro Loco by paying the social share decided every year by the Meeting. In a small village such as Prestine it is important that lots of people take part in the events and meetings organised by the Pro Loco or by other Volunteers' Groups in order to obtain a distribution of organisation and work. It is with this spirit of cooperation that the Pro Loco proposes the events and meetings organised in our territory; the target is not to monopolize or have some sort of control on what happens, but to give a contribution as a structure of organisation and work.

Now the Board of Directors, renewed at the beginning
of 2013, is composed by:

1. Mrs. Tapini Rosalba - President ;

2. Mrs. Grassini Virginia - Vice-President ;

3. Mr. Trombini Gianluigi - Treasurer ;

4. Mr. Monchieri Franco - Secretary ;

5. Mrs. Damiolini Maria Giovanna;

6. Mrs. Morandini Ilaria;

7. Mr. Gualandris Giambattista;

8. Mr. Lecchi Matteo;

9. Mr. Mulattieri Gianpaolo;

10. Mr. Tottoli Fabio.